The REDWAVE XRF technology separates material on the basis of chemical composition. This sorting system could revolutionize the whole market of plastic recycling. There is an extraordinarily high demand for a sorting machine capable of segregating dark PVC and brominated plastic from an infeed of shredded plastic.


Managing Director, Heinrich Fuchs:
"Our extensive experience in plastics sorting and our proven mechanical equipment combined with Olymup ANI's XRF expertise will allow us to bring this much needed technology to market and offer a solution for the recyclers."


This technology was developed in collaboration with Olypus ANI Systems. Olympus ANI is a world-leading innovator of portable/on-site XRF technology, offering handheld, mobile laboratory, and high volume in-line systems for a wide variety of industries. The XRF technology provides unique solutions, and has already proven to be a welcome addition to existing sorting technologies in both glass and metal recycling markets.

Example of use:

Brominated plastic (sorted with REDWAVE-XRF)

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