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REDWAVE NIR/C is an optical sorting machine which recognises and separates by material and colour in only one step.
Different kinds of material such as colour printed and non-printed cardboard, catalogues, newspaper, magazines, and plastics can be identified by Near Infrared Technology.
The colour sensors allow for further sorting, such as separating gray from brown cardboard. This is another great benefit of the machine.

Technical specifications: REDWAVE (Multi-sensor) NIR/C:
Sensor technologies This sorting machine combines Near Infrared Spectroscopy and colour sensor technology in a single machine.
Sorting width 1200/1600/2000/2400/2800 mm
Capacity up to 14 t/hr (depending on the material)
Execution 2-way machine


The infeed material is pre-processed by ballistic separators, disc or star screens to prepare it for the sorting machine. For best results, the material size should be between 100x100mm and 400x600mm. The powerful blow-out unit is able to separate single parts up to 1.5 kg with a size of 200x300mm.

Operating principal

Acceleration belt

Sensor and light source

Blow outlet unit

Driven separation roller