• Sensor

    based sorting


  • Sensor

    based sorting





2018-07 "REDWAVE equips plastics sorting plant"

2018-04 "REDWAVE welcomes next generation sorting"

2018-02 "The first machine is just a beginning!"

2018-01 "20 years anniversary"

2017-11 „Ny teknik sorterar metallskrot“

2017-11 „Först med XRF-tekniken“

2017-10 "Automation of systems as well as optimization of the paper sorting process"

2017-07 "MBT Jiangsu – High-Tech Waste Processing for China"

2017-06 "REDWAVE installs paper recycling system in Germany"

2017-05-31 "MBT Plant to Feed Chinese Waste to Energy Plant"

2017-05-31 "High-Tech Waste Processing for China"

2017-04 "New ways for metal recycling"

2016-05 "New sorting possibilities for the Recycling Industry”

2016-04 "International Metal Recyling Experts gathered in Gleisdorf“

2015-12 "Metal Sorting Plant“

2015-09 "REDWAVE METAL DAYS - the best opportunity to stay on top of new developments"

2015-04 "Stora Enso plant installs Redwave system"

2014-11 "A new diagnosis"

2014-10 "XRF technology a flexible metals sorting friend"

2014-10 "Innovative Sorting of Aluminium and Zorba"