The REDWAVE XRF-E analyses and evaluates materials according to chemical composition. Unwanted parts are reliably detected and separated.

In contrast to other technologies, moisture, colour and surface impurities have no negative effect on the detection ability. This technology can be used in sorting processes to recognise an accumulation of element characteristics, including the detection of undesired materials.


  • Separation of bromine-and cadmium-containing electrical and electronic waste
  • Accumulation of electrical and electronic waste tainted with precious or recoverable metals (e.g., copper, brass, silver, etc.)
  • Sorting of screen glass (CRT)
  • etc.
Technical specifications: REDWAVE XRF-E:
Sensor system EDXRF energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
Sorting width 450 mm - 1370 mm
Throughput rate is dependent on material and grain size
Feed Chute system for material larger than 60 mm
Conveyor system for material up to 60 mm


  • A high level of detection is guaranteed even with dirty and coated material.
  • Elemental analysis of the feed material
  • Colour independent recognition is possible (for example, the detection of black plastic)

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Principle belt system:

Principle chute system: